Zach Carroll: A Game-Changer

By Madeline Carino
MSU Athletic Communications

In a game where most players are driven to score, senior Zach Carroll is determined to protect the net. This defender is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent a shot.

“Here at State we really pride ourselves on defense, me being a defender that’s something I love,” said Carroll. “I get more pride in stopping someone, shutting them out instead of winning a game 5 to 4.”

The Grand Blanc, Michigan native is a leader on the Spartan back line. His presence contributed to the team’s 12 shutouts last season and five so far this year.

Carroll played his first two years of collegiate soccer at the University of Virginia. Immediately his talent was recognized. Continue reading


Jerome Cristobal: Funny Guy Serious Player

By Madeline Carino
MSU Athletic Communications

Coach calls his name, it’s time. The following minutes are precious; they’re something he’s had to earn every day since first joining the program. Four years later, he reflects on how much he’s changed since he first stepped foot on the field.

“I don’t know if I’ve matured at all, if anything I might have gotten more immature as the years went on, I think I’m more clever with my jokes maybe,” said senior midfielder Jerome CristobalContinue reading

East Lansing’s Morse shoots for soccer’s top

By Madeline Carino

EAST LANSING – Zoe Morse, junior at East Lansing High, has been in love with soccer since she was a little girl. Recognized as an All-American and representing the U.S. on the Women’s National Team, she’s beginning to realize that her dreams of playing in the World Cup are within reach.

Morse is one of 24 players in the country named on the U.S. U-18 Women’s National Team (WNT). The team’s first training camp of the year was held in February at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. Soccer’s “U” system denotes players under a certain age, grouping them by team.

“It’s amazing,” said Morse, who plays midfielder. “All the staff there just really helps you out, it’s that kind of environment where everyone just wants you to succeed.”

Morse and her team will be eligible to qualify for the 2016 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Continue reading

East Lansing senior pursues his last chance for a state title

By Madeline Carino

EAST LANSING – The only focus for East Lansing senior wrestler Brian Darios is to win a state championship. In 2014, he set the school record for most pins in a season (32) and was a state runner-up. Numerous injuries have kept him off the mat this year, but his determination hasn’t wavered.

The four-year starter won this season’s first match, on Dec. 11, for the 285 pound class. Soon after, he suffered his second concussion in two months, taking him out for about three weeks. He returned the start of January, but then a high ankle sprain forced him to sit again for another month.

“My coaches always joke that I can’t make anything easy, and this year I had to make it hard for myself,” Darios said. Continue reading

MSU athlete Kelsey Kuipers answers the call

By Madeline Carino

EAST LANSING – For the typical college senior, the last few months of school are haunted with one concern: get a job. Usually, this time is dedicated to gaining experience before graduation.

Kelsey Kuipers, a senior majoring in special education, was working on her future this year. Meanwhile, the Michigan State women’s basketball team was in desperate need of players. Between injuries, illness, and a player departure, the team dwindled to just seven.

They needed help, and MSU volleyball player Kuipers was their answer. She willingly gave up her jobs to help the basketball team.

Kelsey Kuipers (far left) slaps fives with MSU with MSU women's basketball teammates.  Credit MSU Athletic Communications

Kelsey Kuipers (far left) slaps fives with MSU with MSU women’s basketball teammates.
Credit MSU Athletic Communications

“In some ways, it just says a lot about how she loves being a Spartan,” Continue reading

Poverty lives in Meridian, but hope is next door

By Madeline Carino
Meridian Times staff writer

Nelinda Cole married a good guy. They had a strong relationship, a beautiful son and appeared to be a typical family. He had a steady job and could provide for her and their child. They were happy.

But it didn’t last.

Three years into their marriage, he became hooked on heroin. He was in a constant cycle of using, quitting, rehabilitating and relapsing. Continue reading